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The Power of Meditation

Scott Milway -
Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

 I can teach you to reliably access the centre of your
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 Profit From The Silence

This course has been developed specifically to enhance the ability of individuals to attain Present Moment Awareness as part of their everyday experience.  It will enable participants to properly align their goals with their value systems bringing the universe on their side. It will test their will power but, with constant support, enable those people really wanting to break free from their past the chance to take advantage of their own brave new world and overcome their stresses and fears by living in the NOW.

The course consists of several modules which run concurrently

Firstly, participants are taken through a completely interactive online personal life coaching experience with telephone support.  This is geared for a duration of three months and will address the goals participants are seeking to achieve and provide a constant guide and the mirror of self accountability to their journey.

Secondly, the complete Primordial Sound Meditation course (review this whole website), is included. To assist with communication, we use webinar and Skype technology. This technique facilitates deep rest, a return to wholeness, an increasing appreciation of present moment awareness, and a regular route to attain direct experience of the soul - atma darshan. With regular practice and guidance, participants will learn how to align the awesome power of the universe with their intentions and desires and infuse this into all aspects of their lives.

Thirdly, participants will be given various techniques including TFT - Thought Field Therapy - to release or integrate emotional charges that may be disguising and supporting their limiting beliefs - the anchor chains holding back their accomplishments so far.

This is an extremely personal course but with some group webinar sessions, where applicable.

The all inclusive price for this experience is £1,795.00 and can be paid by card using Google Checkout.

Alternatively a discounted price of £1,595.00 is available for direct banking payment. Details on request.


Please contact Scott Milway on 0044 870 862 0015 to check availabilty and timings.

or email:









"I am That,
Thou art That,
All this is That,
And That's all there is"



"Sitting still, spring comes
and the grass grows"



"Dans le calme et la patience
on trouve la force"



"Take a rest.  A field that has
rested gives a
beautiful crop"



"You are what your deep, driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will. 
As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny"